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You will be redirected temporarily to Coinbase to complete your purchase after selecting a plan. It will ask you for your email address again. THIS IS NORMAL. We do this to identify you on our members list for our records.

IMPORTANT: After completing payment, you need to join our Discord HEREand tag an @Admin to let them know so we can verify your payment and then you will be granted permissions (within 24 hours). If you have any trouble please email us HERE. Make sure for any emails you also check your spam folder.

DO NOT BE IMPATIENT! Sometimes the network is slow. This can happen. Relax. There aren’t any problems.

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We know it can be hard to make a commitment, so we do offer a one week trial period so you can see everything for yourself, evaluate our services and interact with everyone. Interested? Click HERE.


** Trial membership is by a first-come-first-serve basis and is subject to a non-refundable, one-time fee of $20 as a setup charge at time of purchase. We reserve the right to terminate a trial users membership at any time if the rules of our community are broken. In no way are we obligated to always offer a trial, we do it as a courtesy and reserve the right to discontinue this option at any time in the future. **

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